1. Other races celebrate knowledge.
2. Africans deride knowledge as “white.”
3. Japanese use their cameras to steal technology; Africans use their cameras to record gore.
4. There is no single day that all Nigerian Governors are in Nigeria, yet they do not transfer their foreign experiences to their states.
5. Africans prefer inferior foreign goods to superior local goods.
6. The African has a price for everything including killing his/her own kith and kin.
7. The African steals from his/her country and deposits the proceeds in a foreign country.
8. The European steals from Africans and deposits the loot in his/her home country.
9. The European sits for hours under the sun trying to turn brown, while the brown African is busy applying dangerous chemicals to turn pale.
10. Africans detest reading.
11. Africans deride those who read.
12. Europeans celebrate reading.
13. Europeans develop a reading habit at an early age.
14. Africans frown at the display of knowledge by an African in the midst of Africans. It is mocked as ITK (I too know).
15. An inferior display of knowledge by a lighter skinned human in the midst of Africans is dubbed genius.
16. No amount of education, no number of doctorate degrees in any field can eliminate superstition in an African.
17. The African is more European amongst Europeans but reverts to an African amongst Africans.
18. Africans do not have one religion; they are bi-religious or tri-religious.
19. An African trying to highlight incongruous African behavior is viewed with opprobrium.
20. Africans facilitate continued robbery of Africa by Europeans.
21. Africans do not have legacy in their lexicon.
22. Africans do not have shame.
23. Africans value self over community.
24. Praise singing is an African disease.
25. Africans copy laws from Europe for decorating their statutes.
26. Africans are the first to sign International Treaties but never implement them.
27. In Africa, love equals money.
28. In Europe, love equals love.
29. The assimilation of foreign religions by Africans is almost universal.
30. Other races are wary of foreign religions or adapt foreign religions to their culture.
31. Africans view innovation with suspicion.
32. Other races celebrate innovation.


  1. You’re just a sad lad. So am I. Your assumptions about the role of genetics are at best speculations…

    And you’re entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts!

    1. Hal, there is no need for name calling. You appear to be in denial. From your comment, you appear to be of the Negroid race. Have you ever questioned why you have more pigment than the Caucasians? Every law starts as a hypothesis or speculation in your lexicon. Genes for several human traits have been mapped out in the human genome. Saying that the Negroid way of life is largely determined by genetic factors is not an insult on the Negroid race. It is an acknowledgment of facts. Whether you are a creationist or an evolutionist, the conclusion is the same: Genes can determine geographic origin as currently used in forensic analysis. Geographic origin is a proxy for race.

      The proof is Nobel Prize material. If you diagnose Africastallestman as a sad lad, you may be transferring your sadness to an ebullient, productive, and happy lad.

      Just type genetic associations or traits into your browser and you’ll be amazed at what you’ll find. Many initial skeptics including tenured professors at first class universities are now in agreement with my hypothesis. And finally, please acknowledge Daniel Patrick Moynihan when you quote him.

      1. Dear Tallestman,

        I’m sorry saying we are both sad sounded like an insult. What I meant was that your writings are very probably symptomatic of how sad we feel about the current African situation. No need for argumentum Ad Hominem dear fellow Australopithecine descendant…

        Denial about what? Are you seriously explaining to me why there’s more melanin in black skin?

        You may want to read more about the genetics of black vs white skin and find a way to edit the manuscripts to include how differences in skin colour may account for differences in intellectual capabilities. My point is, black skin is the skin that rocks in this geography! And the longest existed and best adapted on planet earth too. Google (and please suffix with scholar) is your friend.

        Of course environment can influence phenotypes (and behaviour) which in turn can imprint on your genes overtime and get transmitted to future generations via Darwinian evolution and epigenetics. But that’s hopeful thinking on your part and not a fact if you cannot tell us what genes? What DNA sequences? Which base pairs? From what linkage or association studies? Demanding the answers to these questions an era of fake news and personal opinion isn’t too much to ask. So the onus is on you to educate us…

        From a different perspective though, if Europeans should live in sub-saharan Africa for a time long enough (say 10000 years which is a small period in cosmic/evolutionary timing), their skin would be considerably darker (with genetic imprints too) and perhaps closer to what their skins used to look like before they to migrated to cooler regions. And perhaps suffer a decline in intelligence according to you.

        It appears you’re (for want of a better phrase and in your own words) an “intelligent Nigerian” after all to not reference your own remarks and be so clear sighted to spot the Daniel Patrick Moynihan speckles in my eyes.


        1. Dear Hal,
          I am beginning to like you. This is the type of inquiry and robust discussions that are lacking in Africans. Africans read to pass examinations and subsequently adopt a silo mentality to further education in their chosen fields. Africans surpass Europeans in exam/theory but perform woefully in the field?

          There are exceptions such as Hal, if you are African and not a “bot.” Do I hear chuckling? Your argument that Europeans would develop a darker skin if domiciled in Africa for 10,000+ years is in agreement with my genetic hypothesis for the evils that bedevils Africa and African Nations. Don’t you think that the genes/evolution/inheritance/expression/mutation/epigenetics interplay on skin hue may also play a role in other areas such as reasoning, discovery, love of self/same and so forth. The confirmation of the the DNA sequences, base pairs, alleles, chromosomes, etc is the work left to us. Asking me for specific arrangements of the nucleic acids on the chromosomes in the different races is akin to putting the horse before the cart. I am writing a grant for that study and need collaborators. Scientists are still conducting experiments to confirm the theory of relativity long after Albert Einstein left the scene.

          I am not an “intelligent Nigerian.” If I were, I would not be having this discussion with you, but would rather be glurging on the Internet! I would suggest that you look at these two posts and make comments. They also provide the links that you requested.

          PS. A colleague mentioned to me that there is a Ph.D dissertation that correlates pigment with “stupidity.” I have not read it but l will. My thoughts are original and discovery of similar thinkers is refreshing. I have always wondered about the mentality of the Black race since my high school days.

        2. Hahahaha. I like you too. I have been reading your writings to have an insight your thoughts…

          We could be friends if you’re not older than 40 years!

  2. What I think of your thoughts citing 2 of your very interesting articles.

    Having read through your post on black-on-black violence and how these have stemmed from historical, legal, location, wealth distribution, employment, educational and political disadvantages on one hand…

    And then your argument for outcomes (cognitive or otherwise) which are inextricably linked to these race-based disadvantages as having a genetic basis in this article on the other hand…

    I begin ponder what exactly your stance is about the contemporary African man? What explains your ‘double binding’? Can you not palpate the cognitive dissonance?

    Need for some clarity?

    1. Hal, there is no cognitive dissonance. There is what I have termed external influenceable authority that may be inheritable, that plays a vital role in the development of the Black/African race. The Europeans/Caucasians used it effectively to control Africans in the colonial era. You may want to read “A Cultural Merry Go Round” to get some further insight into this concept. Africans/Blacks tend to react or emulate their surroundings but Europeans/Caucasians dissect and explore their surroundings and even venture into new surroundings. May be, that explains why they ventured into unknown waters to colonize other peoples.

      The Blacks in America mired in poverty, filth, crime, and ignorance, assimilate and reproduce their environment. They are caged in by hatism. Having a low dose of the genes for exploration and discovery means that, they (Blacks) inflict their societal terror on fellow blacks in the neighborhood. Why not develop your criminal methods into big businesses that would yield more dividends? We have the Italian Mafia but no Black Mafia. You get my drift. I do not support crimes or criminals.

      That a few have made it does not exonerate the whole. Having the same genetic inheritance does not guarantee the same expression given our current understanding of epigenetics. Twins are a prime example.

      The external influenceable authorities of yore were the educated blacks who were forced to live in the same environment by segregation. Now they can move to the suburbs once they escape the abyss of poverty and neglect. Consequently, there are fewer and fewer external influenceable authorities in the neighborhoods to positively impact the residents.

      Blacks are copycats. Every young black person in the “hood” aspires to be a rapper, footballer, or basketball player. Africans/Blacks dwell in establishing meaningless records such as having all the children of a physician become physicians or having the greatest number of accountants in one family! Individuals who could have excelled in other fields are caged in by parental desires into fields considered prestigious by their parents. A bright lawyer from another family can bankrupt both families of physicians and accountants. Why create a record of being offered admissions to all the Ivy League Schools instead of applying to your number one school of choice given your excellent academic background? Two Africans have created this record in the US. Are you telling me that there is no White, Asian or Hispanic person in America that is similarly gifted academically?

      Africans value money more than knowledge, oblivious of the fact that knowledge creates happiness and eventually money. When Caucasians create wealth, they use it for the public good. When Africans create wealth it is used for ostentatious display of vanity. On their deaths (Africans), it is either frittered away by survivors or left to rot in secret foreign bank accounts. It eventually becomes the property of the recipient nations.

      With time, there will be changes in genes either through intermarriage, environment, mutation or a combination thereof. Once Africans realize the genetic differences between Africans and Europeans, then it can be managed to achieve the greatest benefit. For example, corruption can be managed. No nation has ever eliminated corruption. Europeans are corrupt but Africans have a triple dose of the “corruption gene.”

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