Between April 16 and April 19, 2015 it was widely reported on the Nigerian media, the incredible misbehavior of Governor Abiola Ajumobi of Oyo State. This constituted authority as he claims in the attached video, ran from the Government House in Ibadan, when some non-constituted pieces of rags, eggs, feathers, and chicken blood were placed around the Government House. This ebo juju is more powerful than the God of Islam and his Alfas advised him to run away.

Could the African problem be the result of Africans worshipping inferior gods?

If those students are reading news, print or online, they would have come prepared to meet this cowardly man with some un-constituted pieces of rags, eggs, feathers, and chicken blood. Instead, they are socializing on the Internet. He would have immediately reopened their school and may be giving them some protection money to ward off the juju.


The governor is hereby advised to use constituted language when speaking to university students or he will be met with un-constituted resistance by the students.

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