China sends plastic rice to Nigeria.
Plastic rice is made from crude oil.
Rice as grown in the Niger Delta of Nigeria.
In oil-polluted soil and water is plastic rice.
So Nigeria is used to plastic rice.

Now rice can be grown in factories.
Why didn’t Nigerians think about this?
The rice production cycle can be reduced.
From months to hours.
Boosting the nation’s food supply.

Nigerians love their rice with beans.
Pray that the Chinese develop plastic beans.
Now you can have a full plastic meal.
With rice and beans made in plastic factories.
Hunger will become a thing of the past.

Ingenuous Nigerians will start making.
Plastic chicken, plastic bread, plastic eggs, plastic milk and plastic everything.
With cheap machinery imported from China.
With an abundance of crude oil waiting to be turned into plastic food.
Hunger will be banished forever.
Export of plastic food will boost our economy.

China will become a big importer of plastic food from Nigeria.
Chinese people eat everything, living or dead.
That’s the only way a nation can feed 1.4 billion people.
And they will surely enjoy Nigerian plastic foods.
Made with Bonny Light Crude Oil.
It beats plastic foods made with heavy Saudi Crude Oil.
Contaminated with Sulphur.

Plastic has once again saved the day.
Plastic may be the most versatile material invented by man.

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