1. Jews will not stab other Jews in the back.
2. Igbo stab other Igbos in the back.
3. Jews believe in collective strength. There are 3 main Jewish organizations in the US – AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee), ADL (Anti-Defamation League), and AJC (American Jewish Congress). There are 48 other Jewish organizations, but they all come together under the umbrella of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations.
4. Igbos believe in individual strength. There are over 200 Igbo organizations in Houston, Texas. If you are not the President or Chairman of an organization, form one and become life President and Founder. There are 4 umbrella Igbo organizations in the US – two WICs (World Igbo Congress), IWA (Igbo World Assembly), and CISA (Council of Igbo States in America). All these mushroom organizations have not accomplished anything. Every Igbo Town has an organization in the US. In the Bible, the Jews were delineated into 12 tribes, but Jews do not have 12 tribal Jewish organizations in the US.
5. There is no single day in America that the Jewish Holocaust is not discussed on Radio, TV, Newspapers, or Internet.
6. Over a million Igbos were holocausted between 1966 and 1970. Some Igbos would scold you for mentioning the Igbo Holocaust.
7. The Jews are still asking for reparations for their World War II loses.
8. The Igbos were given a mere 20 Nigerian pounds after the Nigeria-Biafra War. Your bank deposit did not matter. Millionaires and paupers were given the same amount. The Igbos have not complained. Igbo properties were confiscated by the Gowon Government and Igbos have not complained. Whenever riotous mobs go on a rampage in Northern Nigeria, Igbo lives and properties are lost. The Igbos who claim to be highly educated have not sued the governments involved or taken their case to the world.
9. Jews introduced to businesses by other Jews will try to build the businesses and recruit other Jews to the businesses.
10. Introduce a fellow Igbo to your business and you will be looking for another job in a few months.

Therefore anyone who thinks that Igbos are Jews is living in a Fool’s Paradise that is located in Southeastern Nigeria!

More seriously, scholars have pointed out similarities between the Jews and Igbos such as worldwide dispersal, enterprise, ingenuity, the circumstances of birth determining the name of a child, monotheism; the Chukwu Okike concept in Igbo’s cosmology, circumcision, and so on.

Africastallestman therefore urges the Igbos to become more Jewish. The Jews emigrated from Igbo land and this emigration improved rather than diminished their survival instincts. For the doubters, everyone agrees that humans originated from Africa. Consequently, Jews emigrated to Israel from Igbo land and not vice versa.

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