Yahya Jammeh Wants To Rule Gambia For Ever.

Yahya Jammeh Wants To Rule
Gambia For Ever

The Gambian despot, Yahya Jammeh who has misruled Gambia for 22 years has indicated his intention to rule Gambia from his grave. Without Jammeh, Gambia will fall off the face of the earth. His indispensability has been confirmed by God.

Yahya Jammeh has been told by his God that he will rule Gambia for a billion years and that he, and he alone, has been divinely anointed to run Gambia aground. Yes, with Gambia, deceased after his death, he can continue to rule a dead Gambia.

Why does the African God anoint useless, clueless, and misanthropic dictators for Africa, but approves democratic leaders for Europe, Asian, Australia, and the Americans? If nothing, this may prove that their may be more than one, one God.

For those who believe in only one God, who also has given us free will, why is it that the free will given to Africans yields evil, hate, superstition, gullibility, lunacy, nepotism, corruption, murder, corruption, and bireligiosity.

I would recommend that Mr. Jammeh be forcibly taken to a psychiatric hospital to have his head examined for signs and symptoms of schizophrenia. Obviously he is hearing voices but not God’s voice. Robert Mugabe, Paul Kigame, Paul Biya, and Yoweri Museveni are all hearing the same voices – you are indispensable, you are God, you are invincible, and immortal!

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