Making the rounds on Nigerian social media is the image of a napping Chairman of Edo State PDP, apparently taken in a hotel room by a prostitute. The Chairman after eating and enjoying the female prostitute withheld payment. The aggrieved prostitute waited for the big wig to fall into post-coital sleep. She took the nude picture of her patron and posted it on social media.

The story sounds plausible given the prostitution culture in Edo State, which is a big foreign exchange earner for the state. On a closer look, Africastallestman finds several holes in the story:

1. Which prostitute would dare expose such a highly placed public official unless it is a state-sponsored prostitute?
2. Could this be an effort by the APC (Assured Phony Change) to discredit its rival the PDP (People Deceiving People) in the ongoing gubernatorial battle in Edo State?
3. Is this whitemail, an attempt by the APC to divert public attention from the APC sponsored electoral malpractice in the Edo Gubernatorial Election?

Nigerians may be gullible to nonsense but this time, the perpetrators chose a wrong state to practice their deception. Posting the picture of the PDP Chairman during the eating of the prostitute or after the meal, will not buy the APC any favors in Edo State. In Edo State, prostitution is a way of life.

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