My Nigerian friend who lives in the Nederland kept getting monthly e-cards proclaiming how ecstatic everyone is, with the arrival of the new month. One day, it is Happy October and in 31 days, it is Happy November. Living in the European Union (EU), he is unaware of the current abysmal economic situation in Nigeria.

The arrival of APC (All Progressive Congress) with their much heralded change agenda bearing the imprimatur of Britain and the US, brought change as promised. The change was for the worse.
Change is Change.
All they promised is change and they delivered. Death rates are up, it is estimated to have doubled, same applies to unemployment. Factories are closing, crime has exploded, and kidnappers are on the prowl once again. Soon the WAI (War Against Indiscipline) Police will start whipping malnourished and depressed Nigerians standing in line for essential commodities. The death rate has nowhere to go but further go up.

Therefore, it is only the exceptionally lucky that survive from month to month. Instead of Happy New Year, it is now Happy New Month. Soon it will be Happy New Day as the economy keeps sinking deeper and deeper into depression. Any day you wake up alive, you must give thanks to the Almighty for sparing you.

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