Mugabe is a poster boy for failed autocratic murderous governments worldwide. Mugabe may be worse than Kim Jong-un without the nuclear weapons. He succeeded against all odds in driving a once thriving agro-based economy into depression. This 92 year old senile and probably demented ruler should have quietly disappeared from the political scene but not in Africa, where sycophancy and praise singing have been elevated to Zen arts.

Instead of sanctioning Mugabe, gullible Africans are circulating “funny” racist sayings of Mugabe. To crown the macabre display of puerility, the AU (African Union) has crowned Mugabe Chairman of the AU.

The effect of praise singing on corrupt, vicious, and intolerant leadership is more of the same nonsense. I compare it to using gasoline to put out a fire. Any attempt to criticize Mugabe is foreign or hatist (racist) influenced. He came to power fighting hatism and isn’t it ironic that hatism is now fighting him, since he has not kept his promises.

What President Robert Mugabe needs to do, is to quietly dissolve into oblivion. Zimbabwe’s problem is President Mugabe and not hatism (racism). Zimbabwe will never progress until the senile, despotic, misanthrope exits the political scene. In most places, excepting Africa and some African European countries such as Azerbaijan and Kazkhastan, he would have been removed a long time ago.

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