Brexit did not start with David Cameron. The first British Ruler/Leader to lead Britain out of Europe was King Henry, The VIII or Henry, The Wise. After Martin Luther bolted from the Catholic Church over its money for forgiveness policy, King Henry saw a chance to separate from European religious hegemony. When the Catholic Church refused King Henry’s request to engage in serial monogamy, he saw an opening to effect his Englexit (Brexit) plan.

He had cursed during one of his drinking sprees with his chief enforcer, Oliver Cromwell, “Damn those Italian Popes, we will keep our monies in England, damn the Pope, damn the Vatican, I am going to close all the monasteries and confiscate their properties. We are paying too many taxes to Rome. The Church will now be known as the Church of England and the money will stay here.” This was the first Brexit in 1534.

King Henry the Wise, subsequently declared himself Pope or head of the English Catholic Church and confiscated the property of the Roman Catholic Church. The English Catholic Church metamorphosed into the Church of England. The insular nature of Britain dissuaded the Europeans especially the French from attacking Britain.

With no Pope to curtail his philandering excesses, he married a total of six wives. He would have had eight wives but a premature death from a variety of mental and physical health problems left the number of wives at six.

Africastallestman dubs him Henry, the Wise, because he realized that Religion is man-made but God is God. To Henry, the Wise, worshipping God through the Church of England, with the English monarch as Pope, is as good as worshipping God through Rome with the Pope as head of the church! No plaques or pestilence befell England as a result of his divorce from the Roman Catholic Church, or his serial marital divorces.

In 2016, Boris Johnson drove around Britain in a red bus emblazoned with, “We send the EU (European Union) £350m a week.” The true figure which is closer to £136m a week was ignored. Notice the similarity – taxes to the Roman Church and taxes to Brussels (EU Headquarters). His campaign for Brexit succeeded on June 23, 2016. Now Britons are having second thoughts about the divorce. Is it possible that King Henry regretted the Papal divorce from Rome, orchestrated by Oliver Cromwell?

For Oliver Cromwell, he took along Gisela Stuart. Who says that history does not repeat itself? The exit from Rome did not solve religious problems in England. The Church of England is still grappling with the gay, straight, and crooked clergy issues.

Similarly, Brexit will not stop the decline from Great Britain to Britain, to United Kingdom, and in a few years, United England and Wales. Scotland and Northern Ireland are preparing to bolt from Britain following the Brexit vote. The second Brexit in 2016, took 482 years after the first Brexit.

Africastallestman predicts that Scotexit and Irexit will not take 482 years to manifest.

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