An era of unprecedented impunity, lawlessness, and vindictiveness has been unleashed on the Nigerian Legislature, Executive, Judiciary, and Citizens by an elected military dictator in civilian garb. The person in question is Major General Alhaji President Muhammadu Buhari. Fearing an imminent impeachment, he hastily dropped criminal charges on the two most senior leaders of the Nigerian Senate for writing Senate rules. Maybe he should be writing the rules for the Executive, Legislature and Judiciary. Buhari does not understand cause and effect.

Nigerian judges are corrupt, simple cases can take 30 years to decide and if a judge dies or is transferred to another jurisdiction, your case starts all over again. But who would blame the judges when their salaries pale compared to that of legislators and the executive not counting financial malfeasance by the legislators and executive? Buhari is not in the good books of the judiciary when he flagrantly disobeys court orders in a democratic dispensation. He has steadfastly refused to release Nnamdi Kanu, the Leader of IPOB (Indigenous Peoples of Biafra) for expressing his views which are guaranteed by the Nigerian Constitution.

Now he resorts to brute force in intimidating the judiciary. If his Gestapo Service, the so-called DSS (Department of State Security) claims to have evidence on judicial impropriety, they should present the evidence in court following laid down age-old practices. Using sledgehammers to break into judicial residences, including the homes of supreme court judges, in the middle of the night to collect evidence, which they already claim to have by espionage is traumatic, chilling, barbaric, and worthy of the utmost condemnation by the world. Any evidence found in such an operation may be inadmissible in court or may have been planted.

The legislature, executive, and judiciary are independent arms of government and should all function harmoniously for democracy to flourish. I once again implore Nigerian Lawyers to take off their horse tail wigs and infant bibs so they can see clearly. To read more, visit http://africastallestman.com and explore “When Will Nigerian Lawyers Stop Wearing Gowns And Rags” and “THE JUDICIARY SHOULD PERFORM ITS ROLE AS AN IMPARTIAL REFEREE” using the search function.

The same anti-corruption fighter has his Army Chief of Staff, Lt. Gen. Tukur Buratai, implicated in shady property deals in Dubai and killing 349 innocent Shia adherents in Zaria – http://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-36941986. He still serves as Army Chief of Staff after claiming that the multimillion-dollar property belongs to his wives (http://punchng.com/dubai-properties-ccb-cleared-buratai-says-lawyer/). The NBA (Nigerian Bar Association) should have called for an investigation of Mrs. Umma-kalsum Tukur Buratai and Mrs. Aishatu Tukur Buratai to ascertain the source of their wealth – http://saharareporters.com/2016/06/24/revealed-buharis-chief-army-staff-general-buratai-wives-own-dubai-property. Buratai claiming to have declared those properties in his asset declaration form is akin to an erstwhile two-day governor of Anambra State, who declared to be worth over a trillion Naira on his asset declaration form. Since he is worth more than his state, any financial malfeasance would not even reflect on his asset. Clever way of covering future misdeeds!

If you have misappropriated public funds, your best defense is to defect to the APC (All Progressive Congress) with your “millions” of supporters and avoid persecution. Every Nigerian political heavyweight claim to command the loyalty of millions of supporters. Cases of corruption against APC members are being closed while those of PDP (Peoples Democratic Party) members are being reopened. The NBA (Nigerian Bar Association) should change its name to NLA (Nigerian Lawyers Association) and get out of the bar. It appears that they have been “drinking” a lot of bullshit.

The NBA has declared a state of emergency because Buhari has not only humiliated but physically arrested and jailed some of the affected judges. Since every Nigerian lawyer aspires to be a judge, this really hits home. I hope that they would also declare a state of emergency on Jungle Justice. But they would not, until one of their own is lynched.

When a depraved individual kills an infant for ritual purposes, on behalf of an evil, greedy, and misanthropic individual, the killer is burnt alive on discovery thereby concealing the identity of the real perpetrator. If Mohammed Yusuf was not murdered in cold blood, in custody, after his capture on July 30, 2009, we would have known the real sponsors of Boko Haram. That is the reason why the rich and powerful encourage lynching, which can be compared to the Mafia killing the hired killer, after the job is completed. Maybe Buhari is intimidating judges so they can tilt the law to his side. The rigged elections occurring after his election as President, including the recent Edo State Governorship election, where over 10,000 voters were openly disenfranchised by APC agents is sure to be legally challenged (https://tribuneonlineng.com/edo-poll-seven-communities-say-votes-allocated-withot-voting/).

If supreme court judges can be openly humiliated by Buhari, what will be the fate of the common man. If you fail to protest injustice when someone else is involved, sooner than later, the same injustice will be visited upon you. You cannot use illegality to fight illegality.

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