When President Barak Obama took office, the White Republican Party led by Senator Mitch McConnell vowed to obstruct any policy initiated by President Obama. If President Obama found a way to make every American a millionaire, Mitch McConnell will oppose it with the Republican House and the Republican Senate. Republicans outside and inside Washington DC with Donald Trump as their leader claimed that Obama is an Alien Moslem from Kenya.

The Republicans are very upset. America has a foreign Black Moslem President. They are willing to tolerate the anomaly for 4 years and no more. Meanwhile, they call the President all sorts of names from a four-legged primate to the hole from which your body decompresses itself. The President receives more death threats than all the previous Presidents combined!

The economy kept improving, jobs are being created and health coverage for Americans improved. President Obama defeated another White opponent for his reelection. Now, we are talking of KOs (knock outs) of two white opponents. If the knockout of Senator John McCain was a fluke, what about the knockout of Governor Mitt Romney! White Hatists are really incensed.

The President kept achieving but the stress greyed his hair prematurely. Since the Hatists could not get their man thanks to the Secret Service, they turned their anger to people who look like him in the population. Police assassinations of unarmed black men by white police officers skyrocketed. Some black police officers in keeping with the Stockholm Syndrome joined in the killing spree. This brings back memories of black men accosted by a white and a black police officer in Apartheid South Africa. The black police officer will give the black suspect the beating of his/her life to impress the white officer. A white person accosted by the same two officers will be treated like royalty by the black police officer while the white officer will be pleading with his colleague to issue a ticket for a reduced infraction.

During the President’s State of the Union Address, an illiterate white Republican legislator shouts, “You lie,” at the President. This is free speech but as a legislator he should have said, “You are a liar,” or “You are lying.” He is lucky to have gotten off lightly because use of wrong grammar in the house should be punished by expulsion. School children are in the stands and others are watching on TV.

Now comes Donald Trump. If a black Moslem alien can be President of the US, any white person can be President of the US. Therefore, the Birther Movement (Those who deny that Obama is American), led by Donald Trump fused with the far left or far wrong wing of the Republican Party to present an intemperate, pugnacious, superficial, and acerbic Donald Trump to cleanse the White House of any remnants of Obama.

If Donald Trump ever becomes the President of the United States, I predict that he will be the first President to be removed (impeached) for incompetence. It may not be a bad idea for Donald Trump to win this election so Americans can see the difference between an erudite, eloquent, urbane, charming, and accommodating Black President and a gruff, ineloquent, and garrulous White President. As the saying goes, “You do not appreciate your current wife until you divorce her and marry a new one.”

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