At a secret meeting held at Otuoke, Bayelsa State yesterday, attended by ex-President Goodluck Jonathan and PDP (Peoples Democratic Party) stalwarts from all the states in Nigeria, a plan was hatched to repay the APC (All Progressive Congress) in its own coins. Since taking power from the PDP, the APC has effectively cut off all sources of PDP financing by arbitrarily detaining and probing PDP big wigs on charges of corruption, while APC members are left unscathed.

An analysis by Prof. Matho Oguife of Aladura University in Ndiolumbe, Abia State on political corruption in Nigeria, found that the APC is as corrupt if not more corrupt than the PDP. This is not surprising since most APC members decamped from the PDP with their supporters. Carpet crossing or changing political parties after an election has become accepted in Nigeria. This practice was introduced in Western Nigeria in the 1950’s and continues to be a major impediment to democracy in Nigeria. You vote for one party and your vote is given to another party after the election. A law should be enacted making a new election mandatory if an office holder decides to change his/her party affiliation midway into a term in office. But this is for the future. The PDP must operate under current laws.

President Jonathan welcomed all the invitees who were sworn to secrecy by an Okija Priest from Anambra State. He started: “Ladies and gentlemen, tomorrow, I am defecting to the APC with all my followers which number in the millions. We also have moles that we have planted in the APC that belong to the Saraki faction. Once in the APC, we will take over the party machinery and install PDP members in important positions. I called this meeting to intimate you of my plans and you should all go back to your states and defect to the APC. We will give the APC a dose of their own medicine. After all, they used similar Tambuwal’s tactics to unseat us in 2015. When 2019 comes around, Buhari can kiss the Presidential ticket goodbye because I will be back. Now, that Nigeria has tasted Buhari, they are clamoring for me to return to Aso Rock.”

The meeting was hastily adjourned before anybody started prying into why there are over 50 cars at 6:00 am in the morning at the Presidential mansion in Otuoke. Factus will keep you appraised as the saga develops.

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