The Best Defense is a Good Offense.

The Best Defense is a Good Offense.

The major religions in Nigeria are Christianity, Islam, and Traditional Religion. African countries that are members of the OIC (Organization of Islamic Conference) usually join when the President is a Moslem. Christian Presidents should have the balls to start an OCC (Organization of Christian Conference). When Africans can pull off the religious cataract blurring their vision, they will start electing Practitioners of Traditional African Religion as Presidents. Then OTC (Organization of Traditional Conference) will be formed. Moslems do not tolerate dissent in their religion. The Sunnis hate the Shias more than Moslems hate Christians. The OIC is predominantly a Sunni organiztion. There is no record of any country that is governed by a theocracy achieving its full potential. Pandering “Christian” Presidents such as Chief General Olusegun Obasanjo should have spearheaded the formation of an OCC. Instead he attends an OIC summit and builds a mosque in his “donated” Library. Donated, because the library was built with quid pro quo (I rub your back, you rub mine) funds. An oil block or import license for a 200 million Naira donation to his Trust. He copied the concept of Presidential libraries from America but did not copy the funding mechanism. Hopefully there are exhibits for corruption, epileptic power supplies, “jangrover” roads, and “the number you are calling is out of service.”

If a State’s resources are to be wasted on supporting religious organizations, then every religion must be represented, this is the “Principle of Equality of Religion” as espoused by John Chidiogo, the Nigerian Philosopher. It is the height of arrogance, intolerance, and malfeasance for a President to be embroiled in religious debauchery. Since Moslems insist on the “superiority” of their religion that came after Traditional African Religion, Hinduism, and Christianity, God obviously did not think that they are superior. If the Europeans did not fight the Jihad with the Crusade, Moslems will be going to Pilgrimage in London today. The Crusaders did not only defend Europe but took the battle to the Middle East and effectively ended the Moslem Jihad. Therefore to dilute the influence of the OIC on African nations, the need for OCC and OTC are imperative. Nigeria as the Giant Dwarf of Africa should take the lead.

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