The West or more precisely Caucasians and Arabs brought Religion to Africa. But the dumb Africans do not understand that some Religions are vehicles used to dominate, confuse, and exploit the unsophisticated Africans. To the West or East, any country or part of a country having a similar religious persuasion with the West or East but opposed to exploitative Western or Eastern hegemony must be discarded in favor of countries or parts thereof with dissimilar religious persuasion but whose strategic interest are in tandem with the East or West.

The British brought Christianity and Western style education to Southern Nigeria. Quickly the Southerners mastered the ways of the white man and were challenging the white man. The Moslem North mired in Arabic and Islamic education fell behind in the arts and sciences and looked up to the British as masters while the Southern intelligentsia challenged the British Authority. The cunning and unforgiving British paid the “smart” Southerners back by handing over the entire political structure at the center of the Nigerian State to the Moslem North at Independence. Still the Africans did not learn a thing. Interests trump religion.

If Saudi Arabia decides to publicly behead all Saudi Christians and simultaneously reduce the price of oil by 50%, all the Western Nations will start singing and shouting hallelujah from the rooftops. The financial and economic windfall trumps any religious affinity. Christians brought slavery to West Africa while Moslem Arabs plied their slave trade on the Eastern Coast of Africa. All the anointed, soon to be anointed, and ex-anointed pastors understand that religion is more like a money-raking social organization used to mesmerize and spiritually enslave the masses who seek the elusive meaning of life. The old traditional religions are excluded from this madness. It is the new-fangled born-again religious outfits that are the main culprits of this religious deceit complete with fake miracles and testimonies. If you do not know how we came to be, it is all right, but do not try to create another myth of creation.

Meanwhile some Moslem Clerics are using terror to intimidate and try to manipulate world opinion. There will be world peace and harmony when Religionists start dissociating Religion from God. You can believe in God without believing in any Religion. All said, there are some Religion whose practitioners are caring, loving, and accommodating humans. These individuals understand that Religion is a vehicle to acknowledge God and not a means in itself.

The US Secretary of State, a Christian recently visited Nigeria and shunned all Christians and the Christian South creating uproar amongst Nigerian Christians. The US understands that the Muslims control the political machinery in Nigeria now. Why waste your time visiting your Christian brethren in the South that may upset the Muslim North that they will intensify the current Jihad undertaken by Fulani Gunmen (Cattle Herders)? Instead of castigating Secretary John Kerry, the Christians and the South should be thanking him. An anonymous source says that he pleaded with the Moslem North to curtail the killing of Christians or the USA will start droning (killing by drones) their leaders under the pretext of fighting the hypocritical Boko Haram. The fear of the US drone perfected by President Barrack Obama is the beginning of wisdom. The North got the message and pledged to coexist with their Christian neighbors. He could not have delivered this warning if the South and Christians were at the table. Time will tell if this is what actually transpired or was the visit economic and strategic.

African should learn to dissociate religious affinity from economic, cultural, and strategic affinity. During the Nigerian-Biafra War, the Capitalist Christian Britain, Moslem Egypt, and the Communist USSR put aside their political differences and supplied the arms and ammunitions used in committing genocide on the Christian Easterners.


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