During a visit to London, I was watching an exciting football match between Arsenal and Chelsea on the television and during the intermission, an advertisement for dog food came on. It ran thus, “Organopet®, made with wild salmon, organic grass-fed beef, free range and antibiotic-free chicken, vitamins, and organic vegetables. No preservatives added. Doesn’t your dog deserve the best? Organically fed dogs live longer, have less arthritis, and give you many more years of service and companionship. Next time you are in the grocery or pet store, think organic and choose Organopet®. Your purchase price will be fully rewarded if you are not satisfied.”

Suddenly a light bulb exploded in my brain. Have humans extended their hatism and unequal treatment to animals? Animal lovers will protest the killing of dogs and cats for food in Asia and Africa but will kill other animals to feed their dogs. If they are concerned about animal welfare, no animal should be killed for any purpose. It is far more gruesome and inhuman for a human to kill an animal to feed another animal than for a  hungry human animal killing an animal to feed one’s self. Why do dogs count more than salmon, beef, chicken, and sometimes human beings? However if animal lovers are comfortable slaughtering other animals to feed their animal pets, then dogs and cats can be slaughtered to feed dog-eating and cat-eating humans who are also animals! Any objections?


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