Not long ago, Nigerians were judged to be one of the happiest people in the world. I kept wondering, how can  the inhabitants of a nation without portable water supply, an epileptic power supply, open drains, no sewers, lack of  basic health care,, unmotorable roads, deplorable communications, wanton disregard for human life, and endemic corruption be happy. Further probing revealed the reasons: Religion and Nollywood.  Praying pacifies the population while the clergy are feeding fat on tithes. Nollywood keeps spinning epic tales complete with prayers and voodoo that keeps the people laughing until they require stitches. Now they are no longer laughing because there are no health facilities to apply the stitches.

No nation ever has been built by prayers or humor. For Nigeria to extricate itself from its present quagmire, Nigerians must demand a change in the attitude of its leaders and establish strong institutions  to ensure the rule of law. When the President disobeys a court order, the whole legal system should stand down until the court orders are obeyed. When there are proven cases or suspicion of corruption in the elected leaders and no action is taken, the system must be shut down by nonviolent civil action. Until these events start unfolding in Nigeria, the change slogan is just a slogan used to hoodwink the populace by recycled politicians who keep defecting to the party in power with their “millions” of followers. The time for mass action is now.


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