There was Homosexuality in Africa before the
LGBTQIA movement and there will be homosexuality in Africa after the
LGBTQIA movement because Homosexuality is a natural phenomenon.
Homosexuals should not be subject to separate Sexual Laws.

Rape by a Homosexual is equally egregious as rape by a Heterosexual.
Sexual Harassment by a Homosexual is equally egregious as Sexual Harassment by a Heterosexual.
Pedophilia by a Homosexual is equally egregious as pedophilia by a Heterosexual.

Africans, focus on improving the lives of Africans and
Stop using Homosexuality to obscure the massive Corruption and
Theft of public resources by Polithiefians and Thievocrats plaguing
Africa, Africans, African Development, and Alleviation of African Poverty.

“A word may not be enough for the GULLIBLE Africans” — Chidiogo.

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