President Ykcma Llas
Floats tenure elongation,
Efforts were rebuffed by the population.

Candidate Enamsous Oknos
The people’s choice is
Imprisoned after a jungle trial.

Oknos labeled as a Leftist
By the West and
Llas labeled as Rightist
By the West

To Lagenese,
Oknos is Rightist,
As in the People’s choice.

To Lagenese,
Llas is Wrongist,
As in the anti-People candidate.

The Military steps in to
Restore Democracy and
The West goes bunkers.

Why did the West
Applaud all the criminality
Going on in Lagenes
Before the military election?

The West prefers a Rightist Lucifer
To a Leftist Jesus Christ.

How can killing citizens
Be Right and fighting
For human rights be Left?
Left as in Wrong.

As long as the West or East
Is reaching their goals in
Any non-Western country and
Any non-Eastern country,
Wrong is Right and
Left is Wrong.

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