Nigeria comprises more than Christians and
Islamists. There are Animists, Voodooists,
Traditional Religionists, Atheists, Agnostics
Business Religionists, and Hempists!
Yes, Hempists, who believe that smoking,
Eating, and using Indian hemp in any form
Is the panacea to all problems.

Mr. Pompeo and Trump were so concerned
About Christian genocide by Buhari that
Trump supplied SuperTucano fighter
Aircrafts to Buhari to continue slaughtering
Nigerians including Pompeo’s beloved Christians
Until a critical mass of deaths is reached.
Yes, until a million Christians are killed.

America is not bound to take action
Under the Christian Convention of 1945
Until that critical mass is reached.
This convention designates nations as
Religious intolerant as determined by
US State Department bureaucrats in Washington DC
Trump did not protect Nigerians, Christians or not.

Biden will also not protect Nigerians from massacre.
Biden will continue supplying weapons to
Nigeria in exchange for a few barrels of
Bonny light crude oil thereby boosting the
World oil supply and the world economy.
Biden, a straight talker rightly removed
Nigeria from that useless list of nations of
Countries of Particular Concern — CPC.

The only concern America has about
Nigeria is that the oil taps must be
Kept open and dollars made by Nigeria
On oil sales must be spent in America.
Spent on American arms and ammunition.
Spent on American wheat, rice, and milk.
Spent on American consumables.

Consumables threatened by a
Peter Obi and his production philosophy
Nigerians, liberate your nation as the
World’s policeman will not liberate Nigeria.
Remember, Nigeria is not Ukraine,
Lukashenko is not Tinubu,
Abuja is not Kyiv, and Khaki no be leather!

POMPEO: New Emails Show Biden Team More Focused on Promoting Woke Agenda Than Addressing Murder of Countless Christians in Nigeria | American Center for Law and Justice

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