A jaundiced terrorism report produced in Australia
Australia, a nation that almost eliminated
All aboriginal people and continues to
Annihilate Aborigines at an alarming rate

Twenty-four Aborigines were killed in Australian jails in 2022
An unknown number of Aborigines were killed by Whites in 2022
With 25+ deaths, Australia is number 13 on the GTI Index

What of Nigerians murdered by Fulani Terrorist Herdsmen
Operating under the canopy of the Miyetti Allah Organization?
Nigeria’s Intersociety reports that Fulani Herdsmen and Islamic Terrorists killed 2543 Nigerians in 2022
Exclude 423 Nigerians killed by Boko Haram and ISWAP and
Fulani Terrorist Herdsmen killed 2,120 Nigerians in 2022

The Cable gives a higher number of 4545 Nigerians killed in 2022
With Fulani Terrorist Herdsmen leading the way in killings
Fulani Terrorist Herdsmen are the number one terror group in the world
But the Fulani Terrorists have not been designated as a Terror Group
Since the Nigerian President is a patron of the group

Consequently, all Nigerians killed by Fulani Terrorist Herdsmen
Were euthanized like cows because the Nigerian Government of Buhari is pro-Fulani
These are not killings but are human sacrifices to appease the cow gods or
Human euthanasia for the expansion of cow grazing fields
Similarly, the Australian Government euthanizes Aborigines to expand grazing fields for Australian cows

Until Australia puts its house in order by stopping Aboriginocide,
And extending the same rights enjoyed by Whites to Aborigines
Australia’s Institute for Economics & Peace should be promoting civil rights in Australia
And quit making a caricature of the Global Terrorism Index

Finally, how many of the deaths attributed to IPOB were carried out by Unknown Gunmen known to the Nigerian Government?
Are Nigerian soldiers killing civilians or aiding Terrorists to kill civilians, Terrorism or Euthanasia?
Please return the Global Terrorism Index to its publisher in Australia.

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