One hears this argument ad nauseum, African democracy is young.
One is reminded constantly that African countries are young.
One is expected to swallow the nonsense going on in African politics as teething democratic problems.

The problem is that Democracy is un-African, African countries need Africanocracy.
The concept of man-God as in Pharaoh originated in Africa.
Polygamy and polytheism are Genetic in Africans.

When forced into Monogamy, African men practice Concubinocracy
If African males cannot have one wife, why should African males have one vote?
In Africa, Money is synonymous with Might more than in any other race.

A rich African male is entitled to several wives, and several concubines.
Why should a rich African male have only one vote?
No, money can buy votes, the more money, the more votes, as money can also buy wives

If voters are unwilling to sell their votes, Rig and Rig.
There is Rigging in Europe, Asia, and America.
Rigging in Europe, Asia, and America is by persuasion and advertising.

If Africans cannot have one wife and one God why should an African have one vote?
In a Democracy every vote is equal but rich Africans are more equal than poor Africans.
If the rich African is denied more than one vote, the African resorts to Rigging

Rigging in Africa by intimidation, snatching of ballot boxes, and eliminating opponents.
Rigging is by allocating votes without regard to actual votes cast.
Where did Africans learn this Democracy — Possibly from *Liberia?

Are Africans flying airplanes in the African way — No
Are Africans driving automobiles in the African way — No.
Why must Africans pervert Democracy in the most primal and violent fashion?

Africans do not want Democracy as practiced elsewhere.
Africans want Democracy practiced in the African way — Africanocracy.
Africanocracy is anti-People and anti-Democratic.

Africanocracy is open vote buying at polling stations
Africanocracy is physically manhandling or killing political opponents
Africanocracy means only moneyed people are deemed STAKEHOLDERS.

The Electorate are CHAFF HOLDERS, yes they do not matter.
CHAFF HOLDERS are only necessary to elect STAKEHOLDERS.
STAKEHOLDERS owe allegiance to their financial outlay and expected rewards.

Nigeria copied the US Constitution but still practices Africanocracy
Africanocracy may be genetic in Africans
Africans, stop using the age of your Democracies to justify Africanocracy.

* In the Liberian election of 1927 the number of votes cast was 16.6 times the number of registered voters.


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