American trains are dirty
American trains are extra long
American trains are slow
American trains are late
American passenger trains are mobile coffins, and
American freight trains are mobile bombs

American trains derail
Passenger trains derail
Freight trains derail
Derailment is expected
Derailment by crashing or
Derailment by running off the tracks

Passengers are not safe
Goods are not safe
Animals are not safe
Properties are not safe
Populations around rail lines are not safe, and
Environment around rail lines is not safe

Politicians avoid trains
Policy makers avoid trains
The rich avoid trains because
American passenger trains are long, interconnected,
Explosive coffins and American passenger trains are
Long, interconnected, explosive bombs

Who wants to travel in mobile coffins — Nobody.
Who wants to transport freight as mobile bombs — Nobody
Why does America continue to toy with American lives?
It is the American people, stupid!
As long as gullible Americans believe that
Private transportation is better than public transportation
Americans shall continue to die on or around the rail tracks.

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