Enrollment in Health Insurance Plans is good for one year

There are navigators, facilitators, deniers, prior approvers, and all that jazz

Yea, it is so confusing that it takes a Ph.D. in obfuscation to understand the donut hole of coverage

Choose a new plan every year as your health changes every year

Really — but the Insurance Companies remain the same year in, year out

Insurance Companies can change your coverage at any time

You can only change Insurance Companies during a one-month period at the end of the year

Insurance Companies can easily exchange your health information with other Insurance Companies to deny you coverage

However, physicians cannot easily exchange the health information needed for your care

Insurance Companies and not physicians decide what medications to use in your care

Insurance coverage is based on Medicare coverage which is based on drug prices set by drug companies

The US spends more of its GDP on Healthcare than any developed country

The US ranks in the bottom half for Good Health Indices for developed countries

The US Healthcare Games ensures that Funds meant for Healthcare are diverted to Corporate pockets while

Treatable and Preventable Diseases continue to ravage Americans, especially the Poor Whites and the Colored.

Solution: A Universal Single Payer System That Eliminates Waste And Duplication Of Care.

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