The Unending Siege of the South East
Started as a military invasion in 1967
Turned into a Siege in 1970, and has
Become a Permanent Siege that is
Used to terrorize and Extort the South Easterners.

The Nigerian Army has more roadblocks
In the South East than in Northern Nigeria
Where the Nigerian Army is engaged in a shooting war
With foreign and homegrown Islamic Terrorists
Terrorists that control more territory than the South East.

The Nigerian Police has more roadblocks
In the South East than in the rest of Nigeria
Police brass arrive in the South East as paupers
And retire as billionaires — proceeds of extortion
No criminal has ever been apprehended at a police roadblock in the South.

There are no seaports in the South East
But the Nigerian Navy patrols the South East
In Toyota Hiluxes instead of boats, extorting travelers
While oil bunkering occurs unabated at the shores of Nigeria
Navy roadblocks are as common as police roadblocks in the South East.

The Nigerian Air Force flies Toyota Hiluxes
Instead of military aircrafts in the South East
The Nigerian Air Force uses roadblocks to
Interdict land planes — public and private vehicles
Instead of security air patrols to detect criminal activity. 

The Nigerian Customs collect custom duties
Also known as extortion duties on merchandise
Traveling on South East roads in a game of double jeopardy
Pay custom duties at the port of entry and continue
Paying extortion duties on the roads of distribution in the South East.

If you thought the shooting war ended in 1970
Think, think, and think again, the War of Siege
Never ended but has intensified under successive
Military and Civilian Presidents of Nigeria and
Will never end as Money is the spoils of the Siege.

Money that enriches non-Southeasterners as the
Handful of Security Personnel of South East origin
Are posted to regions under siege by Terrorists and
The unlucky ones return to the South East in body bags
While the non-South Easterners serving in the South East
Return to their regions with huge “moneybags.”

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