According to the BBC World Service
The Ruling Party — APC — is fighting insecurity.
Tinubu is the APC Candidate and the
APC has been fighting insecurity for 8 years.
Insecurity has worsened in 8 years of APC rule.
APC in another 8 years will turn
Nigeria into Afghanistan and turn
Abuja into Mogadishu, Somalia.
Is this the BBC or APC World Service?

IPOB is disturbing preparations for elections
In the South East while ISIS and Boko Haram
Are organizing the populace for elections
In the North East and North Central.
In reality, sponsored IPOB splinter groups
Under the guise of Unknown Gunmen
Are trying to disenfranchise the South Easterners.
Is this the BBC or APC World Service?

Anyone monitoring the APC, sorry
BBC Nigerian correspondent in Abuja
Might as well monitor Alhaji Garbage, sorry
Garba Shehu, the pantomime of Buhari.
Garbage because he makes no sense.
The BBC which mirrors the opinion of
The British Government is backing Tinubu.
Tinubu has health and corruption issues
Is this the BBC or APC World Service?

BBC and Alan Kasujja, kudos for
Wishing a sick, corrupt, and demented
President upon Nigeria through your
Jaundiced and self-serving commentaries.
Commentaries that are advertorials for the APC.
After Hindu Rishi Sunak, the next British PM
Will be Islamic Alhaji Bulala Burantashi from Nigeria.
Is this the BBC or APC World Service?
Yes, it is the APC World Service from Abuja.

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