Xanadu wants to build IKPULITIES* industry in Kanga
Ikpulities to improve the economy of Kangans
President of Kanga demands a bribe
Kangan Minister of Ikpulities demands a bribe
Is Bribery a Genetic Trait in Kangans — Yes

The UN wants to build a hospital in Ajama, Kanga
Kangan Minister of Health demands a bribe
Chief Otongo of Ajama demands a bribe
The UN shelves the project
Is Bribery a Genetic Trait in Kangans — Yes

Havad University donates a library to Kanga University
Kangan Minister of Education demands a bribe
Vice Chancellor, University of Kanga demands a bribe
Students of the University of Kanga demand bribes
Havad University tells Kangans to go to Hell

When you have to bribe a community to help the community
When communities obstruct your altruism because
Your projects do not come with bribes, and
When communities reject projects without  bribes
Bribery is a Genetic Trait in that community!

*Same as generic ACME industry.

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