Blacks must vote at Elections.
Blacks must not vote at Elections.
Compromise: Black Votes should count as three-fifths of Votes.

Blacks should not be Lynched by White Americans.
Blacks can be Lynched by White Americans.
Compromise: Only White Police can Lynch Blacks.

Blacks deserve same Employment Opportunities as Whites.
Blacks do not deserve same Employment Opportunities as White.
Compromise: Blacks deserve Employment in “Essential Menial Jobs” such as Garbage Engineering, sorry, Garbage Collection.

Blacks deserve same Housing as Americans.
Blacks do not deserve Housing since they roam free in Africa.
Compromise: Segregate Blacks in Slums unfit for human habitation.

Black deserve Health Insurance as all Americans.
Blacks are not real Americans.
Compromise: Create Health Insurance policies with high premiums and deductibles so Blacks paying for Health Insurance die before being killed by Hunger or Violence.

Black Votes should influence American Elections.
Black Votes should not influence American Elections.
Compromise: Blacks should be segregated in the District of Gerrymander so as not to influence American Elections.

What is the Compromise between Death and Living?
Is it Half-death or Half-life?
Either Compromise is Evil.

American Political Compromises May Create More Problems Than Solutions!

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