Did Senator Ekweremadu kill any Briton — NO.
Did Senator Ekweremadu steal British money — NO.
Did Senator Ekweremadu insult King Charles — NO.
Did Senator Ekweremadu commit a non-bailable offense — NO.

Then why is Britain after Senator Ekweremadu:

Senator Ekweremadu is not an Islamist.
Senator Ekweremadu does not speak Hausa.
Senator Ekweremadu does not understand Fulfulde.
Senator Ekweremadu once complained about Igbo MMM.

While incarcerated without bail at “Kirikiri” Prison, London:

Senator Ekweremadu’s health is deteriorating.
Senator Ekweremadu’s daughter is dying of kidney disease.
Senator Ekweremadu’s properties are being auctioned and
The Nigerian and British Governments are nonchalant.

Senator Ekweremadu is no different from every Nigerian Polithefian.
Senator Ekweremadu must be treated fairly as any suspect.
Senator Ekweremadu must not be tried with Nigerian justice in British courts.
A non-Igbo Polithefian and Deputy Senate President would not be subjected to such INDIGNITIES!

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