Humans can change Human Genotype and Phenotype by manipulating Human genes.

Humans can also change Animal or Plant Genotype and Phenotype by manipulating Animal or Plant Genes.

Could this be likened to creating a Human, Plant, or Animal by manipulating Genes?

Humans can create Humans, Plants, and Animals by manipulating simple chemicals to form Human, Plant, and Animal Genes.

Do these Humans ask God, the creator of Humans, Plants, and Animals for permission before creating Genes?

If not, why are these Humans changing God-created Genes without God’s permission?

Or is God present in Humans and Humans do not realize that they are Gods?

Or did God create DNA and left the design of Humans, Plants, and Animals to Humans through marriage, mutation, and now, genetic engineering?

The Egyptians were ahead of the game when they discovered that Pharaohs — Humans — were indeed Gods!

Direct any questions to God!

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