The Cherub and Seraph choir are belting out melodious tunes.
Angels are ordering the faithful around or is it abusing them.
Strict rules are enforced and transgressors are sent to Limbo.

Inhabitants are gripped with fear as further transgressions means Hell.
Angels in Limbo are mean and no one complains as angelic commendation ensures
Return to Heaven while denunciation means banishment to Hell.

The place is rocking with rock bands, exotic dancers, and prostitutes who are entertaining
Slave owners, racists, hatists, politicians, gangsters, drug dealers, clergy, terrorists, kidnappers, and sexual deviants.
Gratefully, the military-industrial complex has cooled Hell with air-conditioning!

More of a hard labor camp where the redeemable faithful are whipped,
Yes whipped, into religious shape by stern faced soldier-angels intent
On purging the faithful of any vestiges of non-original sin.

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