Betrayed by NATO, sold by the EU for Euros.
Ukraine is being executed by Vladimir Pontius to
Cleanse the world of carbon emissions, fueled by
Europe’s insatiable appetite for Russian gas and oil.

Consumption of fossil fuel by Europe, US, and China
Is the original sin of global warming and climate change.
The death warrant signed by Vladimir Pontius on Ukraine
Will cleanse the world of the original sin of “eating” fossil fuel.

Adam and Eve disobeyed God by eating the “fruit” and the
World disobeyed God by digging up “fruit” hidden miles
Underground, in the Russian Tundra and “eating it.”
Ukraine is “Jesus” being sacrificed for our sins.

Putin is cutting off gas and oil supplies to Europe
Because Centurions Macron and Scholz refused to
Pierce Ukraine’s side and Europe is in turn
Cutting off oil and gas deliveries from Pontius’ Russia.

As the Russian Orthodox Church hands out icons to
Russian Stormtroopers “Gestav” and “Dismav” for dying
With Jesus in Ukraine, the world meets the UN climate
Goal of 1.5 degrees Celsius or less global warming by 2035.

Ukraine died so our Earth shall be saved!

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