The Islamists do not have a ‘Pope.’
Carnage, conflicts, and wars are rife in the Islamic world.
The Roman — West — Christian Church has a Pope.
The Byzantine — East — Christian Church has a Pope.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is a terrorist act as
Is the ‘invasion’ of New York by Al Qaeda.
Terrorism is terrorism whether sponsored by
Christian leaders or Islamic Terrorists.

East-West tensions and divisions are unending and
Enduring causes of carnage, conflicts, and wars.
Yet, the populations of the Eastern and Western
Military superpowers are largely Christian.

When will the Eastern Pope and Western Pope
Arrange a ‘conclave’ with the Eastern — Russian
And Western — American — leaders to negotiate
An end to unending carnage, conflicts, and wars?

No, it will never happen, if God tried it, the Popes
Shall excommunicate God and God’s angels.
Because East — West carnage, conflicts, and wars
Are beneficial to the Christian followers of the Popes!

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