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Without a written history, without a DNA tree, Igbo origin is pure conjecture.
Using Igwe Alfred Achebe’s hypothesis of the origins of the Onicha people — that Onicha people are Igbos who emigrated from Ife — the following may also be inferred:
1. Since there is Ife Mbaise, did they come from Yoruba land and now speak Igbo?
2. Since there is Nguru Mbaise, did they come from Hausa land and now speak Igbo?
3. Since there is Okrika Mbaise, did they come from Ijaw land and now speak Igbo?

Igwe Alfred Achebe claims that Yorubas living in Ife, Igbomina, and Ijebu Igbo in Yoruba land are not Yorubas, but Igbos who migrated from Igbo land, but now live in Yoruba land, and speak Yoruba.
Are the Igbos living in Nguru Mbaise, Okrika Mbaise, and Ife Mbaise respectively, not Igbos but Hausas, Ijaws, and Yorubas; who respectively migrated from Hausa land, Ijaw land, and Yoruba land, but now live in Igbo land and speak Igbo?
There lies the problem of using language similarities to advance tribal origins.

Using the same argument, Putin invaded Ukraine because some Ukrainians spoke Russian, a relic of the defunct USSR. Does speaking Russian make Ukrainians, Russians — No? Are Nigerians who speak English, English — No?
Also, are the Fulani people who adopted Hausa as their language, Hausa — No?
Similar sounding or similar names of towns and villages may denote a common linguistic origin and not tribal origins, because all humans descended from one origin — Africa.

Akamu means formed by God or Earth in Hawaiian. Akamu in Igbo is corn pudding formed — made — from corn planted on Earth. Note the Earth in Akamu from Hawaii and Akamu from Igbo land. There are other Hawaiian names that are exactly ‘Igbo!’
According to Igwe Achebe, since ‘Akamu’ is also an Igbo word, are Hawaiians, Igbo?

The corollary may also be true:
Yorubas migrated to Igbo land (Ife, Mbaise) and Onicha and now speak Igbo.
Onicha people derogatorily refer to Igbos as ‘Nwa onye Igbo,’ – Igbo person – implying that Onicha people may be Yorubas who migrated from Ife. You do not address your kith and kin as ‘Nwa Onye Igbo’ if you are Igbo.
Was Nnamdi Azikiwe rejected by his own Yoruba brethren as Premier of Yoruba Western Region?

There were Igbos in Onicha when the Onicha people arrived from Ife. Hence, the series of bloody wars between Onicha and neighboring Igbos over land ownership.
Were the recent Igbos from Ife(Onicha people), Igbo slaves who were sold to the Yorubas or Igbo adventurers, who were retracing their ancestry, or were they Yorubas who were being persecuted by other Yorubas and were escaping violence? Take your pick.

There is also the Nri-Eri-Igala Igbo origin. What of the Igbo — Hebrew connection since debunked by DNA analysis?
Life originated in Africa and the plausible history is that Africans emigrated to Europe, Middle East and Asia, and not people emigrating to Africa from Europe, Middle East, and Asia.
When people came to Africa from elsewhere, they were only interested in looting and raping Africa of her peoples and resources — Arabs and Europeans.

Africastallestman suggests that accommodation and religious tolerance, will make for peaceful coexistence of peoples worldwide. Lingua Franca has not created a cohesive national identity in several nations. The minority language speakers feel oppressed.
Despite speaking variants of the same language, Igbos are as divided as ever. There must be alternative paths to enhancing Igbo unity before seeking Igbo — Yoruba unity as inferred by Igwe Alfred Achebe.

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