Czar Putin and Russia claims it is wrong to ban
Russia and her puppet, Belarus, from the 2022
Winter Paralympic Games in Beijing, China.

Czar Putin, it is equally wrong for you and your
Puppet to launch an unprovoked war on Ukraine,
A non-nuclear nation that chose democracy over autocracy.

Czar Putin, it is wrong to wage war during Olympic Games.
Expelling you and your puppet from the Beijing Paralympic Games
Is the right action by the International Paralympic Committee.

If it is right for Czar Putin to abrogate international treaties,
It is  equally right for the International Paralympic Committee
To bar Russia and Belarus from the 2022 Paralympic Games.

Czar Putin of Russia and Puppet Lukashenko of Belarus,
When you breech International Conventions, International
Conventions shall be breached to contain your atrocities.

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