Do you mean Igbo Political Bazaars?
Bazaars chock full of Sycophants;
Lap Dogs, Running Dogs, and Boot Lickers,
Seeking political favors to advance Thievocracy.

Sycophants praising Sycophants, who are
Praising other Sycophants, who in turn are
Begging for crumbs from the Fulani table or
Appointments by Fulani-installed Igbo Governors.

Lap Dogs licking the asses of these Chancellors,
Founders, Owners, and Dictatorial Administrators of
These mushroom and inconsequential Bazaars
Masquerading as Igbo Political Fora.

Running dogs who consider dissenting opinions as
Attacks on their Chancellors, Founders, Owners, and the
Dictatorial Administrators of these marketplaces; and
Boot Lickers who watch from the sidelines.

If these Igbo Fora represent the Igbo Intelligentsia,
The Fulani Almajiri third eleven shall make
Mincemeat of these shameless and chameleonic characters,
Populating these political Bazaars, sorry Igbo Political Fora.

Instead of waiting for salvation from these fora,
Igbos better start converting to Islam, learning Fulfulde,
Learning Arabic and making pilgrimages to Mecca and Medina.
Igbo Political Naivety defeats all other Igbo Traits!

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