America and Europe helped Russia survive Nazi annihilation,
Russia occupies East Europe, Central Europe, East Germany, and
Parts of Japan as payback for allied help during World War II.
What was Russia’s reason for occupying European nations?
The same European nations that were occupied by the Nazis. 
Is it for security reasons or Soviet Expansionism?

NATO was formed to contain Soviet Expansionism in Europe.
Warsaw Pact then formed to continue Soviet Expansionism.
Is Russia trying to reestablish Soviet Expansionism using NATO
As a spurious security excuse? What a silly excuse, because
Russia already shares border with non-threatening NATO members or
Is Russia trying to reestablish the old USSR?

Russia continues to produce autocratic leaders, really Czars.
Czars whose might is measured by territories under autocratic rule
Not by peace, prosperity, and progress of its citizens.
No nation with nuclear missiles can be threatened by minions.
Minion nations without nuclear weapons on its borders.
The world must say no to Soviet Expansionism.

After Crimea, Georgia, and Moldova, who is next?

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