A world tour de force in movies created out of nothing.
Innovative, imaginative, but also atavistic and eerie.
Nollywood reinforces and glorifies bad African culture.
Nollywood videos, sorry movies, have two themes —
Voodoo, rituals, and more voodoo, and more rituals.
Religious rituals, money rituals, sex rituals, death rituals ….
Murders are solved by voodoo, love is consummated by voodoo.

Has Nollywood reimagined using movies to
Change society, condemn evil, and advocate transparency — No?
Yes, Nollywood, there are anti-gore movie audiences
Yes, Nollywood, make ‘Mr. Wazobia Goes To Abuja’ and outperform
‘Mr. Smith Goes To Washington,’ Yes!
Nollywood, rethink your ways and become a new tour de force.
A tour de force to enlighten and elevate Africa from shit hole to cunt hole continent!

One thought on “NOLLYWOOD

  1. Nolyword has gotten worse in recent times… Part of the problem seem to lie in the fact that there’s no real competition in that industry so no matter how poor the content is poor minded uneducated Nigerians still consume it.

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