Under Buhari’s Rule of Law, the Law is yet to rule on
Buhari’s Certificate forgery case of 2015.
Six years later, the case is still sine die.

Buhari hides under the Rule of Buhari’s Law to
Try Boko Haram Terrorists in secret and reabsorb
Terrorists into Nigerian security forces as Fifth Columnists.

Buhari’s Rule of Law is to transform Nigeria into
One big cattle ranch with expressways transformed into Fulani cow routes.
Therefore, ensuring that methane from these cows have a clear view of the sky.

Under Buhari’s Rule of Law, Fulani Terrorists
May rampage, kidnap, and murder all over Nigeria and
Be rewarded with pardon, amnesty, and cash payments.

Under Buhari’s Rule of Law, Buhari is yet to rule on
Millions of Corruption cases in his Corrupt Administration.
Cases dating to 2015, while corruption still flourishes under Buhari.

Buhari’s Rule of Law overrules the Nigerian Constitution and
Lodges Domestic and Foreign Fulanis in all strategic positions in
Nigeria’s Economic, Social, Political, and Security infrastructure.

Buhari’s Rule of Law endorses EXTRAORDINARY RENDITION and the
accused are held
In the Dank, Dreaded DSS Gulags instead of jails or prisons,
While cases against the accused are adjourned sine die under Buhari’s Rule of Law.

Hopefully, when Buhari leaves office, Buhari’s Rule of Law will be used to
Try Buhari at the International Criminal Court at The Hague and give Buhari a dose of Buhari’s Rule of Law.

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