One divide in Chile adores Pinochet, a mass murderer,
       The other divide hates Pinochet, a mass murderer.
Is this politics or are Chileans divided into murderers and non-murderers?

One divide in America adores the wealthy one percent,
       The other divide wants to lift the downtrodden 99 percent.
Is this politics or are Americans divided into misanthropists and humanists?

One divide in the UK demands dissembling the European Union,
       The other divide wants a Strong United Europe with FREEDOMS.
Is this politics or are Britons divided into misanthropists and humanists?

Political Division is now used to justify murder, racism, hatism,
       Hunger, war, poverty, climate change, and terrorism.
Could China be taking over from America because China is Undivided?

As long as some countries are divided between misanthropists and humanists,
       Those countries divided on the humanistic gradient shall prosper because this is a division between good and more good.

Prosperity is best when large segments of the population are lifted out of poverty.

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