The smell of freshly cut hay filled the air,
       accentuated by the smell of freshly-combusted diesel,
       Emanating from the happy, hopping harvesters.

Harvesters hopping from grain
       to grain, row to row,
Rows of wheat, next rows of corn, and rows of —.

Cockerels crowing, pigs snorting, peacocks prancing,
      The din of a farm is no different from the din of everyday life.

As the farmer saunters and supervises from his laid-back bungalow,
       Aliens, illegals, and immigrants do the heavy lifting of farming.

Farming is an animal business, where the ruling class – farmers
     exploits the ‘deplorables’ – farm hands – to feed the ‘proles!’
        And the government subsidizes their suffering by offering farm subsidies!

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