It is your right to refuse to be vaccinated against Covid-19.
It is your right to offer your body as a coronavirus variant factory.
It is your right to choose Covid-19 as the cause of your death or disability.

It is not your right to infect the vulnerable public with coronavirus.
It is not your right to mingle with the vulnerable and the vaccinated.
It is not your right to cause death and disability by mingling with the public.

Consequently, the unvaccinated  must confine themselves to their homes
To prevent the transmission of Covid-19 as a cigarette smoker
Confines *shimself to **shim smoking environment to avoid the transmission of cancer and disability to non-smokers.
If you refuse the Covid-19 jab, it is the right of the vaccinated and vulnerable public to isolate you.

*Shimself – non-binary herself/himself
**Shim – him/her

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