No, no, no, that’s a bipartisan bridge
Built by a bipartisan Congressional Bill.
You are an Independent and
Independents are excluded from crossing
Bipartisan Bridges, built by 

Bipartisan Bills.

America, the only nation with two political views
You are a Democrat, a Republican, or you are a Nobody.
Americans with other views can swim across
The surging river and drown in the process.

If Bipartisanship is necessary in the
American political process, why is there not a:
A Bipartisan President
A Bipartisan Supreme Court
A Bipartisan dollar and
A Bipartisan country of only Blacks and Whites?

Bipartisanship is a contrived political language used to
Oppress, maltreat, marginalize, and murder the less fortunate Whites, Blacks, and Colored.
Bipartisanship, not heard when Republicans are in the drivers’ seat.
When America replaces Bipartisanship with Civil Rights, equity and fairness take the back seat.

Away with the Bipartisan CRAP! Any Bill approved by Congress is an American bill;
Necessary and desirable Bills and programs that advance the American Agenda, cannot
Be sacrificed on the Altar of Bipartisanship, since Racism cannot mix with Anti-Racism and
Hatism cannot co-exist with Anti-Hatism.

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