China, do not mess with lawn tennis players.

A small bouncing ball traveling at over 100 miles an hour is
a missile with an unpredictable trajectory.

A former Chinese Community Party Vice Premier just found out.

Former Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli tried to muzzle Peng Shuai, a world-class lawn tennis player.

Peng Shuai was allegedly sexually assaulted by the Vice Premier in 2017.

Peng Shuai delivered the news as a tennis missile served to Chinese social media.

The unpredictable trajectory of a small bouncing missile eluded the Chinese censorship machinery.

The missile escaped Chinese orbit, changed trajectory, and traversed the world at high velocity.

Scandalizing the Chinese Communist Party and highlighting Chinese human rights abuses.

This tennis missile may impact future tennis tournaments in China and the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic and Paralympic games.

Chinese anti-missile defenses, used to containing bigger and slower missiles delivered by basketball and football players and officials;

Were ineffective against the nimble, agile, and highly maneuverable small missiles of lawn tennis.

In missile technology, small and fast is superior to big and slow.

A bouncing lawn tennis ball is an unpredictable missile.

A missile known to disable players, ball boys, and spectators.

A few more lawn tennis missiles served by other Chinese lawn tennis players,

May mark the beginning of the civil rights movement in China.

China tread softly with athletic, stubborn, and outspoken lawn tennis players.

Who wants to mess with players who coexist with ‘hypersonic’ projectiles on the lawn tennis court.

Not even China can afford to mess with lawn tennis players!

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