Conference of Parties or
Conference of Polluters?
Polluters of the world have met
Twenty-Six times, ostensibly
To cut global pollution, but
Visibly generated twenty-six
Billion tons of carbon!

Twenty-six billion tons of carbon
Generated by jet airplanes
Used by ‘Talknocrats’ who
Whiz from one continent to
Another continent talking
About global warming but
Really talking ‘blah blah blah.’

COPs contributing to global warming.
Without COP, the earth could have
Cooled by 0.26 degrees centigrade!
Each COP raises global temperature
By 0.01 degree centigrade or more as
More countries attend the COP jamborees and more
Attendees jet from one continent to another.

Global cooling better served by
Abolishing these COP jamborees
And by imposing carbon taxes on consumption of
Goods that produce carbon and methane, including
Livestock, timber, and any activity that emits
Carbon, methane, or other greenhouse gases.

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