‘1984’ IS 2021 IN AMERICA.

‘1984’ IS 2021 IN AMERICA.

Acceptable, desirable, and agreeable to waste;
Two trillion dollars in Afghanistan,
One trillion dollars in Iraq,
But unacceptable, undesirable, and unagreeable to spend;
Two trillion dollars to prevent global warming,
One trillion dollars to fix physical infrastructure, and
One trillion dollars to fix social infrastructure.

2021, reminiscent of ‘1984’ with
Manchin, Sinema, and the
Republicans constituting the ruling class,
The Democrats, the middle class, and
America, the Proles!
How prescient was Orwell’s ‘1984″?

Congressional deliberations have turned into,
‘Two Minutes Hate’ and Ivy League-educated POLITICIANS
Engage in DOUBLETHINK that makes
INGSOC innocuous child’s play.

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