African dissenters were ostracized, bound, and sold into slavery for their innovative ideas.

European dissenters were tolerated and their ideas changed the world.

Copernicus, European astronomer, retained by Europe, Benjamin Banneker, African astronomer, sold to Europeans by Africans.

Galileo, European astronomer, retained by Europe, Neil Grasse Tyson, African astronomer, sold to Europeans by Africans.

Lewis Latimer, African inventor, disputes that lightning is a god and he is promptly sold into slavery.

Lewis Latimer, now African American, invents the incandescent bulb for America.

Frederick McKinley invents a contraption to cool the village square in Africa.

Frederick McKinley promptly sold to English slave trader, Mr. John Hawkins.

Frederick McKinley invents air-conditioning in America as Africans continue to endure the torrid heat.

Mary Jackson mathematically solves a century old African community riddle in less than five seconds.

Mary Jackson is accused of witchcraft, and is promptly kidnapped and handed over to European slave traders.

Mary Jackson helps America put a man on the moon and Africans are worried about a fight between the man already on the moon and the interloper.

African future Scientists, Artists, and Innovators, bound and bundled into the dank holds of slave ships for championing innovation.

Slave ships not only transported African talent, industry, and innovation, but also transported superior African labor out of Africa.

Europe and America add to their talent pool while Africa sells her talents for peanuts to Europeans and Americans.

Europe and America grow and develop at the expense of Africa that stagnates because of past and present brain drain.

As Africa tries to rebuild with new home-grown talent, Europe and America entice African talent with sticks disguised as carrots.

Europe and America would be underdeveloped if Europe and America sold dissenters to African Slave traders.

Where will Africa be today without the past, present, and future looting of African human and material resources by Europe and America – Atlantis?

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