Physicians reclaim your dignity or become “Health Providers” in the eyes of avaricious health insurance companies.
Companies, whose sole objectives are profits and not human well-being.

Lawyers are lawyers.
Legal aides are legal aides.
Legal paralegals are legal paralegals.
There are no legal providers.

Nurses are nurses.
Nursing aides are nursing aides.
Nursing assistants are nursing assistants.
There are no nursing providers.

Pharmacists are pharmacists.
Pharmacy technicians are pharmacy technicians.
There are no pharmacy providers.

Architects are architects.
Architectural draftspeople are architectural draftspeople.
There are no architectural providers.

Engineers are engineers.
Engineering assistants are engineering assistants.
Engineering laborers are engineering laborers.
There are no engineering providers.

Nurses are “health providers.”
Pharmacists are “health providers.”
Ward maids are “health providers.”
Nursing assistants are “health providers.”
Hospital custodial staff are “health providers.”
Why, why, and why?

Why classify Physicians as “Health Providers?”
Providing what?
Lumping Physicians with non-physicians as “health providers;”
Demeans, demotes, and decompensates Physicians,
The bona-fide leaders of the health care team as “generic health providers.”
Anyone who can prescribe becomes, a “health provider” on the same pedestal as Physicians!

Physicians reclaim your dignity or become “Health Providers” in the eyes of the avaricious health insurance companies.
This is akin to giving a dog a bad name to hang it.
Thereafter, the health insurance companies feed on the carcass of the dead dog – Physicians.

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