A – Africans
S – Sporting
H – Habiliments
E – Expressing
B – Bacchanal
I – Indulgences.

Beg, borrow, or steal to become part of the spectacle.
Spectacle of a notorious ashebi presence at social events.
Events earmarked for social equilibrium and enjoyment,
Monopolized by snobbish Africans especially females
Sporting often garish uniform habiliments – ashebi.
Habiliments expressing their pursuit of fashion baccanalia.

Habiliments destined for the clothing junkyard.
Junked as it is a cardinal sin, punishable
By excommunication from your social circles,
To wear an ashebi destined for one event at any other event.
Ashebis are a one-time waste of scarce resources.
Resources that may serve other household needs.

Females known to dock monetary resources from
Food, rent, and other vital family obligations to
Fuse with the Ashebi crowd at social functions.
Females known to manufacture flimsy excuses and
Avoid joyful celebrations if ashebi is unaffordable.
What of affordable “colors of the day” replacing ashebis?

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