Yes, there is God.
Yes, you cannot create something out of nothing.
Has anyone seen God – No?
Has anyone spoken to God – Yes?

Humans talking to God, similar to sculptures talking to their creators – Humans.
Can Humans talk to sculptures – Yes?
Can Sculptures talk to Humans – Possibly?
God may or may not acknowledge our prayers as
Humans do not acknowledge the prayers of sculptures created by Humans.

God sculpted the Universe and Humans.
Humans sculpt objects of great beauty.
Humans who claim to communicate with God are
Dreamers, schizophrenics, lunatics, and fraudulent clergy.
Only Humans created by Humans – Children – can communicate with Humans.

That God came to Earth as a Human – some Religions –
Does not imply that God is Human as
Humans create beautiful sculptures that are not human.
God created Humans – sculptures – for a purpose.
Each Human’s purpose or destiny cannot be changed.

Humans who believe in free will and destiny
Are Humans under the influence of religious narcotics.
This is akin to giving a sculpture free will and implying that
A Picasso can pray itself into a Van Gogh.

Yes, there is God!

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