Inhabitants of this once green landscape were conquered by White men from Britain.
White men then invited foreign Fulanis with white cows – namas – to settle in the landscape.
White namas, considered superior to black cows that are native to the landscape.
White men on exit from the landscape, handed over the landscape to the Fulanis with white cows.

The White men reasoned: If these marauders can control white cows which are superior to black cows,
These marauders can control Black men with black cows who inhabit this landscape.
To the White man, Black men are savages not far removed from animals.

Fulanis let their cows run loose, destroying crops, and defecating all over the landscape.
Landscape turned into one big shit hole for cows by Fulani cow herders.
Fulanis consider one cow the equivalent of 200 Black people. Fulanis rename landscape NAMERIA – land of namas – cows.
Black men fed up with Fulanis and their cow dung, decide to send Fulanis back to their White masters.

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